ACEP Welcomes Skye Greer to the Team

ACEP Welcomes Skye Greer to the Team

Join us in welcoming Skye Greer to the ACEP team as our new part-time grants manager! 

Due to the incredible success of our researchers in securing funds, it became pretty clear that we needed to expand our post-award management support team. We are fortunate to share Skye’s talents with our friends over at the Institute of Nothern Engineering (INE) and are incredibly excited to have her join the team.

Skye has been managing grant funds at UAF for 14 years! She spent most of the last 10 years as the business manager for the Tooklik Field Station (TFS), a research station operated and managed by the Institute of Arctic Biology, located 350 miles north of Fairbanks on the Dalton Highway. As the business manager for TFS, she was faced with a variety of challenges from, “we have too many cases of bananas and no room to store them” to “the tire just fell off the truck and now we can’t find it”. 

Greer’s role with the INE is playing a key role in the management of grants. Between INE and ACEP, there are enough new projects online or coming online that it was decided there was a need to add one more to the already ever-talented shared grants team. Greer feels incredibly lucky to be joining as the new addition! 

When asked, what is your “why” for wanting to come on with ACEP, she said, “why on earth wouldn’t someone want to be involved with ACEP?!”. Good answer, Skye! 

In her spare time, like a true Alaskan, Greer loves splitting firewood, downhill skiing on cross country skis, and giving in to her giant weakness for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She is convinced that there is a way to train moose to weed her garden and not to eat the intentionally planted vegetables but has yet to find the right moose for the job. Good luck Skye with that!


Skye Greer tests out a hand-me-down pair of antlers at the Toklat River rest stop in Denali National Park. Photo by Niki Marineau