Indigenous Programs and Research

Indigenous Science

The identified four R's of Indigeneity*, Relationship, Responsibility, Reciprocity, and Redistribution guide the Indigenous programs and research that will be housed in the Troth Yeddha' Indigenous Studies Center.


One Health recognizes the interdependence of human, animal and environmental health, and that a holistic approach to the well-being of all will lead to improved health outcomes and enhanced resilience. 

One Health employs an interdisciplinary approach to problems. By seeking to treat root causes, it’s often more successful than traditional methods that focus on symptoms. 

One Health concepts and ideas lie at the core of Indigenous worldviews and are inextricably linked to the development of a sustainable future in the Arctic.


Tamamta, a Yup’ik and Sugpiaq word meaning 'all of us', is centered on elevating 14,000+ years of Indigenous stewardship and bridging Indigenous and Western sciences to transform graduate education and research in fisheries and marine sciences.

In the Tamamta Program, we are trying to transform our whole approach to education, research, and management. Our team builds on years of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary work to address pressing questions of equity and sustainability of life and relations in Alaska.


The University of Alaska Fairbanks supports students in non-traditional settings who seek skills and degrees suited to the rural economy and the well-being of Alaska Native communities.

We are dedicated to supporting students improve their skills and bring about positive changes in their community.

Student support programs at UAF include Rural Student Services, the Rural Alaska Honors Institute, the Eileen Panigeo MacLean House, and more.


The Alaska Native Language Archives houses documentation of the various Native languages of Alaska and helps to preserve and cultivate this unique heritage for future generations.

The Archive is responsible for conserving and facilitating access to documentation and resources on Alaska's 20+ Native languages, including through partnerships with Native organizations across the state.

ANLA serves researchers, teachers and Alaska Native communities.


Academic Programs

The Troth Yeddha' Indigenous Studies Center will serve as the academic home to a wide selection of programs from occupational endorsements, certificates, associate, bachelor's, to master’s and doctoral programs. 


In-Person Programs

CIS campuses also offer non-degree path courses throughout the year. Visit the UAF class schedule search for an updated list of all course offerings.

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Online Programs

All programs can be completed through 100% online coursework. Some programs are offered with online meeting times (synchronous) and some are offered with no meeting times (asynchronous). For specific information on delivery-method, visit the program page you are interested in.

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*La Donna Harris and Jacqueline Wasilewski