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Established at the request of the Alaska Federation of Natives, RAHI has been preparing rural and Alaska Native high school students for academic excellence and college success since 1983.

At RAHI, students take an average of 9 college credits in six weeks and learn how to thrive academically by experiencing life on campus, enhancing self-confidence and discipline, and developing a state-wide community to carry with them throughout their lives. RAHI is offered at no cost to students.



RAHI Impact


Chunhui BillingsAt RAHI, I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime and met people that I hope to stay in touch with for years to come.Chunhui Billings, Utqiagvik, RAHI 2022
Eliana HatchIt’s really amazing to be able to take classes and meet new people during the summer to prepare for college!Eliana Hatch, Chistochina, RAHI 2022
Keisha AskoakThis is one of the best programs I’ve been a part of and I will truly miss the friends I have made.Keisha Askoak, Newhalen, RAHI 2022
Koen KohrtMy appreciation for other cultures has grown from the very beginning I was here. In some ways, how I think has even changed.Koen Kohrt, Fairbanks, RAHI 2022
Serena Hotch-MattsonThis has been one of the most enriching experiences I've had and I am very grateful that it was possible for me to do.Serena Hotch-Mattson, Gustavus, RAHI 2022
Devin CraggetteThis is a great opportunity for rural students to get a feel for what college life could be like.Devin Craggette, Kotzebue, RAHI 2022
Dacota HeakinThanks to this program I'm no longer nervous about college and I believe I found a university that I want to attend after I graduate.Dacota Heakin, Eek, RAHI 2022
Dot CallahanThis program is a great opportunity for all rural Alaska students that hope to further their educational wants.Dot Callahan, Nome, RAHI 2022
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