Student Success Initiatives

UAF Nanook Brotherhood Project



The UAF Nanook Brotherhood Project aims to improve the educational outcomes of men of color at the University of Alaska Fairbanks by making significant improvements in student satisfaction, academic performance, campus engagement and retention and graduation rates with qualitative and quantitative measures of program success.

The initiative will host programs, events and activities designed to provide men of color with the skills that are necessary for success in higher education.


The UAF Nanook Brotherhood Project is a collaborative partnership between the Division of Student Affairs, the Graduate School, the College of Rural and Community Development and the Honors College.


Executive Committee

Steering Committee

UAF Nanook Brotherhood Project Team

Campus Collaborations

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Academic and Career Guidance Mentorship

Leadership and Professional Development

Experiential Learning and Co-Curricular Involvement

Wellness and Mental Health

Community Based Engagement

Desired Outcomes

  1. Create and maintain an environment and culture of excellence for all men of color; especially Alaska Natives, African American, Asian American, Asian Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian American, Native American and Latino males.

  2. Create an academic initiative rooted in evidence-based practices to promote academic excellence among males of color.

  3. Improve access, retention and graduation rates for men of color through academic support, mentoring and professional development opportunities.

  4. Increase the number of men of color enrolling in graduate and professional schools from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  5. Focus on research that informs public policy experts, practitioners and citizens of the importance of this issue in academe and on our campuses.

  6. Collaborate with faculty, administrators, staff, colleges and academic departments to support men of color on campus.

  7. Collaborate with the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, local agencies, civic and business organizations in the Fairbanks community to support men of color in achieving academic excellence.

  8. Make the University of Alaska Fairbanks the destination for all men of color in Alaska who are seeking a quality education and an environment that supports academic excellence among all men of color.

  9. Establish a Brother 2 Brother Chapter in partnership with the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) organization.