Issue 45.1


Stomp by Steven Fromm

Reality by Laurence Klavan

Hills & Dales Shopping Centre by Eric Van Hoose

A Slow Burn by Daniel Webre

Last Day at Osso Bucco Magazine by Jason Peck



Issue 44.1


The Argument as Overheard by Gertrude Stein – Mark Crimmins

Split Lip – J Saler Drees

EF-3 – Charles Malone

À la Carte Blanche – Zach Powers

The Log – Keigh Ahr

The Trees They Grow So High – Jacqueline Vogtman



Issue 43.2




Issue 42.2


How to Divine Poetry – Kameron Ray Morton

Woolly – Brittney Corrigan

You and Me – Seth Gleckman

On the Shore of the Sea of Songs – Kelly Kiehl Davis

The Man Who Loved Cribbage – Sharon L. Dean

The Manna – Tyler Wells Lynch

Elevation – Alfredo Lafarga



Issue 41.2


Casualties of the Vainglorious – Kerry Donoghue

An Invisible Chain – Sharon Hashimoto

Boram – Mark L. Keats




Issue 40.2


“#theprocedure” by Jeanne Althouse

“Clowning Around” by Michelle Cacho-Negrete

“Maladaption” by Hilary Biehl

“Modern Cosmology” by William Auten

“Velma is the First to Leave,” “Velma Goes Away to a Small College Where No One Knows Her Name,” and “Velma Learns to Love the Woods” by Emily Capettini

“What the Lonely Know” by Kami Westhoff



Issue 39.2


Stitch - Bryce Berkowitz

Evidence - Shawn Campbell

Adscape - Craig Chanin

When to Trust the Sky - Shebana Coelho

Empire Allergies - David Colosi

Yes - Dani Dunckley

Earl and Paula at the End of the World - Ryan Goodwin

He Kept Moving - Mitch Zigler



Issue 38.2


To Taste or See -  Sammi LaBue

That Old Pitchfork and Fire Urge - George Looney

Thirty Years after Thirty Years After -Jim Meirose

The Urban Druid Lives His Life in What He Begrudgingly Believes is the Best of All Possible Worlds - Harmony Neal

Uncle Bob - Caleb Tankersley



Issue 37.2


Catch - Kathleen Furin

The Howler - LaTanya McQueen

Tree - Nathanael Myers

My Father and His Beautiful Slim Brunettes - Peg Alford Pursell

Alice and the Moon - Mary B. Sellers

Forgive Us Our Trespasses, Dad - Nicholas A. White



Issue 35.2


Jacqueline Kolosov - Boundaries, Bodies, Breath

Christopher Morgan - Dredging the Pits

JL Bogenschneider - Future Tastemakers of the Future



Issue 34.2


Kevin Corbin - The Anywhere Diner Specials

Alfredo Franco - The House in Lewisville

Walter B. Levis - Diagnosis of a Teenager