Mapping to a Shared Network Drive

If you use any network drives to access shared files below are dropdown fields with how-to documents giving Mac and Windows users step-by-step instructions on mapping to a shared network drive.
NOTE: If you are working remotely, before trying to map the network drives, make sure that you are signed into the VPN.

  1. From your Mac Desktop proceed to the ‘Go’ option and select ‘Connect to Server’:Image 1 in mapping to a network drive from macOS Ventura. Image 2 shows how to 'Connect Server'
  2. Connect to requested shared drive by typing your Server Address.
    smb://ServerName/[Shared Drive Path]
    *Optional: Select the [+] to add requested shared drive as a favorite server connection.

Image shows how to select '+' to add requested shared drive asa favorite server connection.

  1. Open the File Explorer icon from the Taskbar: Icon for start menu file explorer.
    On the left column select This PC"This PC" in file explorer is selected. An image of a single computer is to its left.
    Select Computer, and then select Map network drive.File explorer with "This PC" selected. Computer tab is circled at the top of the window, and below it is a list of options, the fifth option is map network drive.
  2. Select an available letter in the Drive: selection box. Next, type the shared drive path in the Folder: text box. Check Reconnect at Sign In, and select the Finish button.Map network drive window with two selection menus the top one is a dropdown that asks for the drive letter, and the menu below it with highlighted text asks for the folder path with a browse files button to the right. Below these menus are two checkboxes. The label for the top checkbox is recconect at sign-in and is checked.
  1. Open the File Explorer icon from the Taskbar:Image of File Explorer iconOn the left column select This PC:Image of This PC.
    Select the
    three dots, and then select Map network drive.Image of where to select 'three dots' and 'map network drive'.

    Image of Map Network Drive.
  2. Select an available letter in the Drive: selection box. Next, type the shared drive path in the Folder: text box. Check Reconnect at Sign in, and select Finish button.
    Image that shows field to select Finish button.