UA Domain

The UA Domain includes users, groups, and their computers that are managed and administered for their entire lifecycle by NTS.

Benefits of joining the UA Domain

NTS technicians work to deploy and maintain software and related updates, protect equipment from security threats, while also distributing settings and software inventory, as needed.  Adding computers to the UA Domain allows for ease of login using your university account, management of computer administrators and computer settings, deployment and maintenance of software, NTS approved Windows updates and security software.

All UA users, including those who are using computers and equipment that are part of the UA Domain, are asked to follow the guidelines found in University of Alaska: Acceptable Use of Online Resources and the University of Alaska Board of Regents Policy of Information Resources for FERPA compliance, along with any pertinent NTS Security Policies.

Check if your computer is part of the UA Domain


To confirm that a Windows computer is part of the UA domain:

  • right-click the Start button
  • select "System" 
    The domain should show as

To confirm that a macOS computer is part of the UA domain:

  • go to System Preferences and select “Users & Groups”
  • go to Login Options, the “Network Account Server” should show as

Join UA Domain

If a computer needs to be configured for the UA domain, or if the computer is part of the UA Domain but does not have Software Center (for Windows) or NTS Self Service (for macOS) installed, please Make a Request to Configure/Install Computer or contact the NTS Support Center