2019 Student Research

2019 Linguistics Student Conference

Ivana Ash

Linguistics (BA)

The Verbal Aspect of the Empty Stem [pi’] in Sugt’stun

Scott Bushey

Applied Linguistics (MA)

Interdental Fricative Loss in Faroese and Norn

Emily Dreher

Linguistics (BA)

Critical Discourse Analysis of the Linguistic Portrayal of Animal Athletes

Jacob Ellana

Linguistics (BA)


Alex King

Linguistics (BA)

Atret Kangiliryarat: Naming Practices of the Yupiit in Southwest Alaska

Carolyn Mousseau

Applied Linguistics (MA)

A Novice Language Teacher in the Peace Corps: Looking back

Hishinlai’ Peter

Interdisciplinary Studies (PhD 2019)

Activity Theory and Indigenous languages

Gina Schlobohm

Applied Linguistics (MA)


John Shank

Linguistics (BA)

A Sociolinguistic Study of Alaskan Language Ideology

Tara Smith

Anthropology (PhD)

Neoliberal Common Sense & Global English: Naturalization, Appropriation & Resistance