2018 Student Research

2018 Linguistics Student Conference

McKinley Alden

Applied Linguistics (MA)

Low tone and pitch-altering phenomena in Lower Koyukon

Jason Harris

Applied Linguistics (MA)

The D-Effect classifier alternation in Alaskan Gwich’in

Alex King

Linguistics (BA)

Tupigyaraq Yugcetun: The way of weaving like a person

Yoko Kugo

Interdisciplinary Studies (PhD)

Community-based Iliamna Lake place name project

Nimasha Malalasekera

Applied Linguistics (MA)

Promoting national reconciliation through trilingual education in post-conflict Sri Lanka

Daniel Manley

Electrical Engineering (BA)

iTalki Korean: Language learning in an online context

Colleen Mertes

Anthropology (BA)

Challenging male dominance and asserting female sexuality through rugby songs.

Danya Schimmack

Applied Linguistics (MA)

Something that not everybody has: Parents' reasons for enrolling children in immersion

Tara Smith

Anthropology (MA)

Examining US Language ideologies and policies

Lynn Walker

Anthropology (PhD)

Erick Erickson’s use of epistemic and deontic stance in “NeverTrump”