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The Indigenous Studies MA degree program emphasizes Indigenous knowledge systems. The program is designed to provide graduate students from various fields of interest an opportunity to pursue in-depth study of the role and contributions of Indigenous knowledge in the contemporary world. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to work effectively with Indigenous people in their studies.

Distance Delivery

Earn your MA in Indigenous Studies while living in your home community with our 100% online degree program.

Our programs are taught in-class and via distance, so you can earn your graduate degree from almost anywhere. We have a great team to assist current and prospective graduate students with navigating the university system.

MA Indigenous Studies

(Minimum Requirements for Degree: 36 credits)

As a UAF graduate student, you are also expected to familiarize yourself with UAF Graduate School requirements in the current UAF catalog. We encourage you to review these materials carefully and to ask questions of faculty and staff about how to make the most of this program.

MA Indigenous Studies Student Guide

This guide contains information on:

  • Center for Cross-Cultural Studies Faculty & Staff
  • MA in Indigenous Studies Degree Requirements
  • Indigenous Studies Graduate Course Descriptions
  • The Application Process
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • CXCS Indigenous Studies MA Program Thesis/Project Description
  • Road Map to Graduation
  • Graduate School Forms
  • and more


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Christine Davenport

Christine Davenport

Graduate Student Coordinator

College of Rural and Community Development

Sitka, AK

Contact Christine to learn more about the MA Indigenous Studies program.


UAF Graduate Student Handbook

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