Music student Ellie “Paukana” Martinson performs at Carnegie Hall

Department of Music student and singer Ellie “Paukana” Martinson in New York City ready for her performance at Carnegie Hall
"Ellie has always had a love for the stage; her discipline and commitment to her instrument shows as she has prepared for this recital," said Jaunelle Celaire, Department Chair for Music. "It has been a joy to witness her learn from her own growth."

Ellie “Paukana” Martinson is an Iñupiaq Alaska Native from Nome, Alaska. While growing up, Ellie learned to play the piano in elementary school and then the trumpet in middle school. Once she got into high school, she started singing. Ever since learning that performing is something that you can go to school for, Ellie has been devoting her time to developing her voice to become a performer.

Throughout her educational journey, she would like to perform professionally until eventually settling down and becoming a professor of voice at a university. Ellie thanks her family for their endless support and encouragement during her time here at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Recently she had a chance to represent the UAF Music Department at Carnegie Hall. Congratulations to a successful recital, you represented the UAF Music Department with pride!