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New graduate degree approved: Master’s in Healthcare Management and Leadership

Back in February of this year, it was announced that we were developing a new degree in healthcare management and leadership. This degree will address the needs of healthcare organizations both here in Alaska and the Lower 48. This program includes a stand alone graduate degree, Master’s in Healthcare Management and Leadership (MHML), a graduate certificate, and concentration within our MBA, allowing us to offer the program in multiple formats, supporting student interests and needs. 

Arena del Mar Morillo-Herrin, instructor of MHML and director of the program discusses the significance of CBSM’s new master’s degree:

What kind of career opportunities will MHML students likely have after graduation?
MHML graduates can consider jobs such as a healthcare consultant, business or data analyst for a health system or insurance company, practice administrator, and hospital administrator. But really, the possibilities are endless. The healthcare sector is vast and growing and there are lots of opportunities for job seekers with the right skills and background. 

What type of students/employers will benefit the most from the MHML degree?
This degree is for students that have career goals rooted in the healthcare industry and have had exposure to the industry enough to know that it will be a good fit for them. Any health service organization looking for healthcare management expertise will benefit both from newly graduated hires to currently enrolled students that will partner with local organizations and complete semester long projects to help these organizations solve their most complex challenges. 

Why should students get the MHML vs. the MBA?
The MHML degree specifically targets the healthcare industry. The MBA is a broader education on general business leadership that can apply to healthcare businesses. A trend has come about in the past decade or so where many corporations that have traditionally recruited MBA students have ventured into the healthcare industry. For example, Apple partnered with medical providers for their Apple Watch. This requires at times hiring individuals with more in depth specialized knowledge in healthcare. 


CBSM Students Get Their Wings in Angel Investing

Story by Kim McGinnis

This spring, College of Business and Security Management students Dave Sauter, Manuel Beza, and Zach Norum gained hands-on experience in new venture finance by participating in the Alaska Angel Conference (AAC).

While called a “conference,” the AAC is actually a structured twelve-week long program that teaches Alaskans about angel investing, the practice of individual investors financing small business ventures in exchange for equity. Angel investing provides a critical source of funding for small businesses.

Spring Break: GAAP Takes on Anchorage!

Student organization, Great Alaskan Accounting People (GAAP) took a field trip to Anchorage over Spring Break! They spent the week learning about job opportunities, visiting different accounting firms, and even got to mingle with professionals at an ice cream social.

CBSM student and GAAP member, Roxy Lane shares her experience:

“I always enjoy attending GAAP events, they are wonderful opportunities to build my networking skills and make real world connections with possible employers. As I get closer to my graduation date, it is very important to have an understanding of what to expect as I enter the workforce.

Q&A With Kim McGinnis - One Health, One Future

One Health is a concept that focuses on the intricacies of human, animal, and environmental health. Earlier this month, UAF hosted the 2023 One Health, One Future Conference. It was anticipated to be the largest circumpolar One Health conference held in the United States this year.

With the support of the Educational Legacy Foundation, the UAF College of Business and Security Management sponsored two panels: Indigenous Economic Systems and Communal Well-Being and Doing Good by Doing Well: Sustainable, Just, and Regenerative Business. In an interview with Kim McGinnis, UAF’s MBA Program Director, a member of the conference’s planning team, she talks about the conference from her perspective.