About us

KuC Vision

Elitnauraput cikiumalartut puqigmek wangkuta-llu ellaitenek elitesqelluta.

Our students are given wisdom to learn so that we can also learn through them.


KuC Mission

Kuskokwim Campus of UAF prepares professional, community, and cultural leaders in an active and relevant learning environment.

About us

Kuskokwim Campus is the largest rural campus in the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) system and is a branch campus of the College of Indigenous Studies (CIS). The campus is physically located in Bethel, a regional hub community situated in Alaska's Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, about 400 miles west of Anchorage. The Kuskokwim Campus offers academic, vocational and community interest courses, as well as courses leading to associate, baccalaureate and master's degrees.

Our service area includes census districts with the highest rates of poverty, youthfulness, and lowest rates of full-time permanent employment in the state and nation (U.S. Census Bureau data). The region also holds one of the last indigenous cultures and societies resident in their homeland and still speaking a vital Native language - Central Yup'ik/Cup'ik Eskimo.

Kuskokwim Campus (KuC) of UAF strives to educate and prepare professional, community, and culturally rooted leaders within a healthy, active, and culturally relevant learning environment. KuC serves as the only Remote Campus with a Dorm. KuC offers classes relevant to the region. Our education core tries to match the needs or the people in the region. Our instructors are real people and residents of the YK Delta. KuC also provides students with a comfortable college and dorm experience in the YK Delta so students can be more successful as they transition to UAF and the larger UA Campuses.


KuC and the College of Indigenous Studies (CIS) have developed complete B.A. Bachelor Degree in Rural Human Services, Yup'ik Language and Culture, Education, and Rural Development. We have an A.A. Associate's Degree in Applied Business, in Community Health, Early Childhood Education, and an outstanding Associate of Applied Science Program in Nursing with strong teammates in UAA School of Nursing and RRANN Program. In order for KuC to be successful, our students need to be successful. Our faculty and staff try to ensure that our students are given wisdom to learn so that we can also learn through them.


  • Home away from Home (Sackett Hall with 38 Beds), Comes With; Native Foods, Fun Activities, Drug and Alcohol Free
  • Yup'ik activities and a Certificate, an A.A. Degree , and a B.A. Degree in Yup'ik
  • Smaller Classes, Great Student-Teacher Ratios, Friendly, Accessible Instructors
  • Begin at KuC, finish at UAF, UAA, UAS, or Here! KuC Credits Transfer Anywhere!
  • At KuC you can learn about Dorm Life and College While Staying Close to Home


  • Classroom/Face to Face
  • Blackboard or Canvas
  • Audio Conference
  • Elluminate-Live
  • Independent Study/Print Based
  • Intensives
  • Or a Combination of Two or More 2+

UAF Annual Security Report

UAF Annual Security Report is now available.  We encourage all staff, faculty, students and prospective students to review the report and be familiar with the information included in the report. Please contact the Dean of Students Office if you have any questions about the report or the information included.