High School Seniors

If you are a high school senior, you should apply for admission during the first semester of your senior year. If you are a transfer student, you should apply six to nine months before the beginning of the semester in which you plan to enroll. At the latest, your application should be received by August 1 for the Fall semester and December 1 for the Spring semester. All application materials are available online at the UAF Office of Admissions.

To request Undergraduate Application forms and materials, or to submit completed application materials: 
UAF Office of Admissions 
2nd Floor Signers Hall 
PO Box 757480 
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7480 
907-474-7500 - phone 
907-474-5379 - fax 

Declaring Anthropology as your major

To declare a major in Anthropology, stop by the Anthropology Department main office in 310 Eielson Building and get a Change of Major form from Charu Uppal, the department's friendly administrative assistant or click here for PDF versionNB: If you do not personally notify the Anthropology Department of your decision to major in Anthropology, the department may not become aware of your existence - Change of Major forms filed elsewhere are not regularly forwarded to the department. We would like to include you in our many department activities, but we cannot do that unless we know you are "one of ours."

Anthropology  minor: Please see the Minor requirements

Need some help deciding?

For more information on undergraduate studies in linguistic and cultural anthropology at UAF, please contact the BA Undergraduate Studies Director, Dr. Patrick Plattet (pplattet @ alaska.edu). 

For more information on undergraduate studies inarchaeology and bioanthropology at UAF, please contact the BS Undergraduate Studies Director, Dr. Jamie Clark (jlclark7 @ alaska.edu).

Consider an Honor's Degree

We highly encourage all anthropology majors to consider matriculating in the Honor's Program in order to complete an undergraduate honor's capstone project.

The Honors Capstone Project is meant to be the culmination of the Honors experience for each student in the Honors Program. The Honors Capstone requirement is intended to provide the student with a scholarly endeavor incorporating the range of concepts and techniques learned during the undergraduate career, as well as the synthesis of knowledge gained during college. The goal is for the student to be exposed to a set of perspectives, and through critical thinking to develop a novel perspective. Students develop a project with a faculty adviser in an area of interest to the student. For details on and paperwork relating to the undergraduate research experience, please visit the Honor's Curriculum webpage.

For more information on an Anthropology Honor's Capstone Project, please contact Dr. Kara Hoover (kchoover @ alaska.edu)

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