The Honors College

 In Nanook Nation, Honors is a verb.

The Honors College is about creating opportunities for yourself and for your community. We strive to find science-based solutions, informed by Indigenous knowledge and powered by 21st-century tools. We believe in doing the research and living your learning. We help you identify internships, research projects, and more that best fit your interests and goals. We work to connect you with community engagement opportunities and international experiences that will enrich your education, and broaden your horizons.

Experience Honors

In the Honors College you’ll find a community of people like you. Students with grit, resilience and a spirit of adventure who are ready to take on today’s biggest challenges. We’re here to help them, and you, succeed.

Our students come from all majors and from all over the world. We invite you to learn more about the Honors College and join our growing community.