Strategic plan

The strategic plan for UAF Alumni Association was adopted and passed by the board on April 1, 2021 and updated at the spring 2024 board meeting


Nanook Nation: Leaders Connected


We serve the UAF community – magnifying its impact on the World by celebrating and investing in Nanook Nation.


  • Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Fidelity
  • Diversity
  • Comradery
  • Collaboration


  • Establish UAFAA Brand
  • “Gold Standard” Governance
  • Grow UAFAA Influence
  • Active Global Network
  • More and Engaged Members


Short Term Strategy Objectives

  1. Embody the “Nanook Spirit”
  2. Grow our Brand
  3. Support Campus Projects
  4. Improve Global Engagement
  1. Maximize Facility & Fiscal Resources
  2. Cultivate Donors
  3. Improve Funding
  1. Increase Student Support
  2. Improve Internal Networks
  3. Improve External Networks
  4. Improve Membership Development
  1. Improve Board Effectiveness
  2. Improve Staff Capacity

Very Short-term initiative ideas and work plan

Winter 2023-24 Initiatives & Work Priorities

  1. Centennial Project
    1. Campus naming opportunity
  2. Rural engagement opportunities
    1. Campus visits
  3. Board Support
    1. Skills/strengths assessment
    2. Phone trees
    3. New member mentors
    4. Professional development
  1. Campus volunteer project
  2. New strategic plan
  1. None at this time
  1. None at this time
  1. Totem Pole Project
  2. Automation
  • Additional staff member
  • Engage ASUAF
  • Legislative Advocacy Portal
  • Chapters to Networks
  • Veteran's Memorial
  • Nanook Network
  • Communication/Marketing Plan
  • Blue & Gold/Rendezvous
  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Updated membership levels
  • Stop doing stuff

2021 UAFAA SWOT Analysis – this is our story! ☺

Our Enablers (Strengths & Opportunities)

  • Diverse board, geographically well represented
  • Opportunities for alumni to connect
  • We are alumni willing to help
  • Support positive and essential projects for students
  • Recognize alumni achievements
  • Love for the institution
  • Independence! 501c3
  • Recognized brand on campus
  • Keeps me connected to UAF
  • We are Alaskans! We get things done
  • Dedicated board
  • Active community of alumni in Fairbanks
  • Network of UAF alumni with a shared interest in the success of UAF
  • Executive director's leadership
  • Scholarship support
  • Diversity of thought and experience on the board
  • Provide financial support to UAF organizations
  • Providing a way to stay connected to the university
  • Grow the brand
  • Grow the donor base via the Benefactor Fund
  • Grow the relationship with UAF athletics
  • A well-developed website
  • Engage younger alums
  • Free membership – Every alum is a member
  • Growing membership numbers outside Alaska Nanook Network
  • Classes and seminars for alumni
  • Chapters or regional affiliation
  • Partner with Admissions and recruitment
  • Stewardship plan for Lifetime members
  • Partnerships with alumni-owned businesses
  • Naming campus landmarks after alums
  • Connect alumni through arts and cultural events

Our Challenges (Threats & Weaknesses)

  • ED duties only 15% of position description
  • Lack of resources and support staff for ED
  • The only times alumni are contacted are for money
  • Unaware of how much we give to UAF
  • Paying dues excludes many
  • Alumni don’t know who we are
  • Not engaging with younger alums
  • Difficult to get alumni to run for the board
  • Board transparency
  • Ineffective at engaging current students
  • Lack of meaningful outreach to alumni outside AK
  • Board gets bogged down in the weeds
  • Decreasing budget, brain drain
  • Not finding the right people to fill board seats
  • Diminished membership and relevance
  • More difficult political landscape
  • The struggle to be relevant to new or recent graduates
  • Petty internal politics
  • Us vs. them when dealing with the university
  • Failure of membership to grow proportionately
  • Lack of awareness on value of higher education
  • Infighting amongst the three universities
  • Becoming too clubby and clicky;
  • Member apathy