Staff and faculty advisors

Advisors prepare, engage and empower students through a collaborative relationship as they navigate their academic and career paths and celebrate their successes. 

Find resources for UAF faculty and staff advisors below.



GPA calculator

We have three unique calculators to help you.

  • Semester and cumulative GPA calculator
  • Target GPA calculator
  • Course-repeat GPA calculator

UAF advising SharePoint
(UAF SSO required)

Access training, a resource library, an advisor directory, course announcements and more.

Nanook Navigator training

Nanook Navigator  is a collaborative program that integrates advising, early intervention and success initiatives into the student experience.  

Schedule appointments; download student data view advisor appointment summaries issue an alert create student lists construct data searches communicate with students, advisors and/or instructors; view progress reports; and more.

Report DegreeWorks issues

Report DegreeWorks issues to the Department of General Studies for support and assistance.

University Academic Advising Council

The University Academic Advising Council aids all advising units in supporting each other through collaboration, and students through equitable advising, by identifying and creating advisor standards, training and professional development.

Faculty and staff forms

The Office of the Registrar processes forms for faculty and staff advisors.