Power Systems Integration project highlights

  • A group of people posing for group photo

    Modeling of Converter-Dominated Power Systems

    September 20, 2022

    The project intends to develop and validate models to assess the dynamic response of converter-dominated power systems across multiple spatio-temporal scales.
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  • Hill view of St. Mary's

    Grid Bridging System

    September 20, 2022

    This project identified a Grid Bridging System (GBS) that allows costly diesel generators to turn off for periods of time and the entire system to run on renewables to reduce fuel consumption and environment impacts in Alaskan communities.
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  • Wind generator in Kokhanok, Alaska


    September 20, 2022

    This project aims to restore the high penetration wind-diesel system and to simultaneously develop a real-world wind-diesel microgrid test bed for research in Kokhanok, Alaska.
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  • Power pole utility on an Alaska mountain range.

    Railbelt Decarbonization

    January 05, 2023

    This project seeks to provide an independent, unbiased assessment to help inform future decisions by Alaska utilities and other stakeholders, while demonstrating the opportunities and challenges facing isolated regional electric grids seeking to decarbonize.
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  • Kotzebue solar and wind turbine monitoring


    January 23, 2023

    As a member of the UNIFI, or Universal Interoperability for Grid-Forming Inverter Consortium, ACEP attempts to advance grid-forming inverter technologies and to help provide new guidance for effective and stable inverter operations.
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