ACEP Welcomes Human Resources Staff — Cassandra Ellis

ACEP Welcomes Human Resources Staff — Cassandra Ellis

ACEP now has full-time human resources staff, starting in January 2023. Cassandra Ellis has joined the team as senior human resources coordinator and recruitment specialist. She provides human resources support to ACEP, including, among other things, managing the recruitment process, timesheets and SoftLedger — a system to check payroll using TOAD, Banner and an Excel spreadsheet.

Prior to ACEP, Ellis worked at the UAF Geophysical Institute as a human resources coordinator for five years. Her duties ranged from dealing with timesheets to providing hiring managers with one-on-one support in the recruitment process. Over the years, she has provided HR support to a variety of shared departments across “West Ridge” — the science and teaching facilities on the west side of the Fairbanks campus.

She excels in creating new processes and making old processes more efficient. Perhaps her background in creative art — she has a bachelor’s degree in art from UAF with a focus in painting and drawing — has contributed to her creative approach to make processes easier for her colleagues.

Ellis invites everyone to ask “why” and “how” questions about a human resources process.

“Asking questions can be very helpful in the recruiting process because it helps me understand more of what [people] need,” she said.

Part of Ellis’s position is to create a welcoming atmosphere within the organization. Having learned about such things as weekly meetings with the entire ACEP team and a gratitude exchange gathering around the holidays, she is “excited that ACEP is supportive of that effort.”

Outside of work, Ellis enjoys drawing, painting and knitting, as well as going for walks with her dachshund, Jazzper, who loves to be spoiled by her. Other than human resources questions, she also invites dog lovers for a dog meetup.


Cassandra Ellis joins ACEP as the new senior human resources coordinator and recruitment specialist. Photo by JR Ancheta.