ARENA Cohort Explores Direct Uses of Geothermal Energy in Iceland

ARENA Cohort Explores Direct Uses of Geothermal Energy in Iceland

From spas and pools to fish drying and processing, the 2022 Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) saw first hand last week how Iceland’s exceptional geothermal resource is integrated into nearly every level of their society. Twelve individuals from Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Finland reconvened in Reykjavik for the second of three program on-sites.

While an impressive 90% of space heating and 40% of electricity in Iceland is supplied by geothermal energy, arguably the most interesting direct uses of the geothermal resource are found in industry. The cohort toured the Haustak geothermal fish drying factory, the HS Orka geothermal power plant and its tourist-magnet the Blue Lagoon on the ReykjanesPeninsula, as well as several commercial geothermal greenhouses that contribute to the admirable 50% of Iceland’s food supply that is produced locally.

In addition to field trips and tours, the cohort also attended classroom sessions with esteemed faculty from Iceland’s GRÓ Geothermal Training Program (GRÓ-GTP)

ARENA is held in partnership with Canada, Gwich’in Council International, the United States and Iceland. The Iceland onsite is organized by staff from the Iceland Geothermal Energy GeoSurvey with funding from the Ministery for Foreign Affairs in Iceland. 


The third and final ARENA on-site will take place in Whitehorse and Old Crow in Canada’s Yukon Territory in January of next year. Learn more at