Australian Microgrid Expertise Features at IPS Connect Conference

Australian Microgrid Expertise Features at IPS Connect Conference

Have you registered for the Isolated Power Systems Connect conference, yet? It will be taking place July 26-29 in Cordova, Alaska and space is limited!

Just one of the many highlights will be Simon Van der Aa’s presenting on the innovative King Island microgrid in Australia, which pairs flywheels, solar, wave energy and what was until recently the largest battery in Australia to power a 2.6 MW load serving 1,600 residents 

Van der Aa, the specialist engineer at Hydro Tasmania, will speak about the changing energy landscape on King Island and its sister, Flinders Island, both located in Bass. He has a background in complex system integration and automation. His passion is the appropriate blending of the right technologies to provide safe, efficient and effective systems, balancing cost, complexity and time requirements to develop the right solution that will also stand the test of time.

The Isolated Power Systems Connect conference in Cordova, Alaska, from July 26-29, 2022 is a four-day event that brings together isolated grid experts from around the world to network, share success stories and learn from experts about how remote grid systems are currently operating, and future developments. Panels will cover  technology innovations from a vehicle-to-grid pilot project to hydrogen fuel cells, as well as maintenance and operation and integration issues. The conference also will offer the opportunity for in-person facility tours of Cordova’s own innovative microgrid.

Participants include national lab experts, remote grid operators, supply chain representatives and others working on isolated grids from Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Australia and Greenland. 

Alaska is a world leader in the integration of renewables into remote grids. Cordova, located in scenic Prince William Sound on world-class fishing grounds, is home to a pioneering hybrid system that generates over 70% of the town’s power for some 2,600 residents using advanced grid controls, run-of river hydropower, diesel generators and a lithium-ion energy storage system. Read more here.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Nowers at or 907.229.1982.


The King Island power generation facility. Photo by Hydro Tasmania.