Lessons Learned from Wave Energy Deployments

Lessons Learned from Wave Energy Deployments

The demonstration of ocean energy devices in real sea conditions for long periods of time is an essential step to commercialization. It demonstrates cost-effectiveness, reduces risks and attracts investors for future commercial projects.

Several wave energy developers are now installing and demonstrating their scale or full-scale devices in European waters. These first-of-a-kind deployments generate valuable information and lessons that will be applied to the next generation of devices and the first pilot farms.

In a webinar on Dec. 14, 2022, at 2 p.m. UTC, you will hear about real sea experiences from three wave energy developers. Mocean, AWS and CorPower Ocean will share what worked — and what didn’t — in their recent deployments. Register here.

The webinar is hosted by the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy and the Interreg North-West Europe’s ocean energy demonstration project.


Mocean ocean energy device.  Photo by Colin Keldie.