UAF Students Join ACEP Heat Exchanger Project Research Team

UAF Students Join ACEP Heat Exchanger Project Research Team

ACEP welcomes UAF students Micah VanderHart and Apryle Collinson to the heat exchanger team! 

Collinson and VanderHart will work under the supervision of ACEP researcher David Denkenberger on a M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust- and Office of Naval Research-supported heat exchanger development project for the spring semester and into the summer. The students will be using a laser welder and a 3D printer to develop the heat exchanger. The exchanger will use waste heat from diesel engines to provide cooling for applications like creating ice in the seafood industry. The students will test the efficiency of the laser-welded heat exchanger to make sure it will work with an absorption cooling refrigerator.

VanderHart, originally from Delta Junction, and Collinson, originally from Fairbanks, are both working toward degrees in mechanical engineering. Outside of school, VanderHart enjoys hiking and fishing, along with 3D printing and computer numerical control milling.

Collinson enjoys playing video games and reading mystery novels in her spare time. She also is a tutor in UAF’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Denkenberger said he is excited to work with Micah, given his 3D printer experience, and with Apryle, as she was a great student in his classes.


Micha VanderHart and Apryle Collinson will be working with David Denkenberger during the 2022 spring semester. Photo courtesy of Vanderhart and Collinson.