Solarize Fairbanks 2023 Campaign Kickoff

Solarize Fairbanks 2023 Campaign Kickoff

It’s time to launch another year of Ssolarizing our community! 

Mark your calendar for the 2023 Solarize Fairbanks cCampaign kKickoff on Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 5:30-6:30p.m. at the Noel Wien Library. 

To make solar more equitable, Solarize Fairbanks is excited to share changes to the solarize model. These includeing using areawide boundaries versusrather than neighborhood boundaries, leveraging higher and more accessible federal tax credits for increased savings, and creating ways to enable your neighbors and service organizations to solarize more meaningfully.  

Solarize Fairbanks will continue to seek out trusted and vetted installers and to support solarizers in navigating the whole process of getting solar panels. More details about each of these will be shared during the kickoff event. 

Solarize Fairbanks is excited to connect with the community in-person event, which willincluding feature a presentation, time for questions and answers, and snacks. Check out the cCampaign kKickoff on Facebook, and feel free to invite your friends and neighbors.