Juneau’s Locolithophores Win National Ocean Sciences Bowl!

Juneau’s Locolithophores Win National Ocean Sciences Bowl!

A huge congratulations to Yadaa.at Kalé’s (Juneau-Douglas High School’s) team Locolithophores for taking gold in the 25th annual Alaska Tsunami Ocean Sciences Bowl!

Ocean science bowl regional competitions feature a Jeopardy-style buzzer-quiz match on a wide range of ocean-related topics; however, the Tsunami Bowl competition is unique in the nation because half of each teams’ total score is based on a research project as well.

This year’s Tsunami Bowl research project identified solutions to a problem caused by climate change. Team Locolithophores’ winning project identified Juneau’s fossil-fuel dependency as a problem that could be mitigated with hydroelectric technologies in their city’s heating and transportation sectors.  

I’m impressed by JDHS’s Team Locolithophore's analysis of complex energy issues and advocacy for practical changes,” said Renewable Energy Alaska Project educator Clay Good, who helped develop the project. “The work that they did, if applied, could make a substantial difference in the carbon footprint of their community.” 

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Team Locolithophore pose with their hard-earned medal and ribbons after their Tsunami Bowl win.  Photo by Shannon Easterly.