Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Opportunities

Rural communities will benefit from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Through the law, the U.S. Department of Energy is committed to make transformative investments in rural energy infrastructure for clean transportation, energy generation and use, and enhanced cybersecurity.

Included in the law is technical assistance for the efficient and equitable deployment of electric vehicle charging programs. The assistance can help in planning and developing EV charging infrastructure and electric shuttle bus technologies. A new rural and municipal cybersecurity grant and technical assistance program for rural electric generation utilities will help respond to and protect against cyber threats. One billion dollars will be provided for improvements in resilience, safety, reliability and available of energy in communities of 10,000 and less, which covers most of Alaska’s remote communities. The law also includes funding for research into the infrastructure and planning for micro and small modular nuclear reactors in isolated communities, and funding for clean energy manufacturing and workforce development.

Read the full DOE Rural Opportunities fact sheet here