Open Now: Public Comment Survey on Railbelt Decarbonization

Open Now: Public Comment Survey on Railbelt Decarbonization

In consultation with utilities and other Alaska energy stakeholders, the Alaska Center for Energy and Power is exploring and quantifying pathways toward reduced Railbelt electric grid carbon emissions while maintaining reliable and affordable electricity and promoting clean energy development. 

Public comment is open now! The ACEP team, in collaboration with  Information Insights, is seeking input from ratepayers, residents, organizations and individuals on the study scenarios that could lead to decarbonization of the Alaska Railbelt electric grid. Your answers will help improve ACEP’s Phase 1 study and will help lay the foundation for further study of decarbonization pathways in Alaska.

The public comment survey is open Oct. 19-Nov. 14, 2022. 

Further information about the project, funders and sponsors, scenarios, and survey is available at this link: /railbelt.


The Renewable IPP Willow Run solar farm located along Alaska's railbelt. Photo by Amanda Byrd.