Share Your Thoughts on Railbelt Decarbonization!

Share Your Thoughts on Railbelt Decarbonization!

ACEP is leading an Alaska Railbelt decarbonization pathways study to find ways to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining reliable and affordable electricity and promoting clean energy development, including potential export opportunities. 

The team will provide an independent, unbiased assessment that can help inform future studies and decisions made by Alaska utilities and other stakeholders while also demonstrating to broader audiences the opportunities and challenges facing isolated regional electric grids seeking to decarbonize.

ACEP is hosting a virtual stakeholder engagement workshop on May 23 from 3:30-6 p.m. 

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In this workshop, researchers will present decarbonization scenarios that are in progress and seek feedback from all interested stakeholders. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate and share their thoughts.

This work is funded through the Alaska Regional Collaboration for Technology Innovation and Commercialization, an Office of Naval Research-funded collaboration designed to promote commerce and partnerships between Alaska and the Arctic and Pacific regions through advancements in energy through resiliency research, technology development/deployment, and education. ACEP leads the energy research efforts for ARCTIC. The program partners' seek to build local capacity and support a thriving economy through resiliency research, technology development/deployment, and education centered on expertise in energy and another key interconnected area. 

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Golden Valley Electric Association's solar farm in Fairbanks. Photo by Amanda Byrd.