Marsik Contributes to International Report on Heat Pumps

Marsik Contributes to International Report on Heat Pumps

The International Energy Agency recently released “The Future of Heat Pumps,” a special report in its World Energy Outlook series, and Alaska heat pump expert Tom Marsik was acknowledged for his help with this report.

Marsik, who holds a joint position with ACEP and the National Renewable Energy Lab, contributed to the report. His innovative research and cold-climate, energy-efficient building design work in Dillingham and around Alaska have made him one of the leading experts in cold-climate heat pump use.

The International Energy Agency is an intergovernmental organization dealing with global energy data analysis and related policy recommendations.

The report identifies heat pumps, powered by low-emissions electricity, as the central technology in the global transition to secure and sustainable heating. Besides describing the key opportunities to accelerate the deployment of heat pumps, the report also highlights major barriers and policy solutions to overcome those barriers. The role of cold climates in the heat pump technology development is also discussed in the report. The full report and executive summary are available for download at


Tom Marsik is an assistant professor with UAF Bristol Bay Campus, ACEP and Cold Climate Research Center. Photo by Kristen Donaldson.