T3 Alliance Convenes at UAF

T3 Alliance Convenes at UAF

At its core, the Teaching Through Technology, or T3, Alliance’s mission is to engage educators in a proven adaptable framework that empowers students to strengthen their communities. The framework of T3 is built upon three primary pillars: Growth mindset, STEM education and community engagement. It also strives to ensure equity in learning by reducing cultural, financial and environmental restrictions for those who want to pursue postsecondary education. 

On April 7, UAF’s  T3 Alliance member, Upward Bound, played host to representatives of over 30 T3 Alliance programs from as far away as Mississippi, Ohio, Florida, Hawaii and Panama.

Adam Low, assistant director of UAF Upward Bound, had big goals for the short time this group had together.

“My hope with today is that we have the ability to ideate with a design, think and process mindset around curriculum integration, exploring partnerships and research and outreach opportunities with the people in this room,” he said.  

UAF’s Makerspace was buzzing with student community-oriented projects. Attendees met with UAF students in the space and engaged in meaningful dialogue while watching them work on their projects. It didn’t take long for attendees to see that something special was happening here.

Presentations by guest speakers involved in some capacity with the T3 Alliance were held in the BP Design Theatre on the top floor of the Engineering Learning and Innovation Facility. 

There were some sincere reflections and “Aha!” moments for participants around growth mindset during the open discussion session. ACEP’s Alaska Regional Collaboration for Technology Innovation and Commercialization program director, Dayne Broderson, conveyed the importance of creating a safe space for students while they pursue research and how T3 gives students the skills necessary to do this. 

“The training that students have gained through the T3 Alliance system has set them up with a unique set of tools, which they come with to the university,” said Broderson. “With their growth mindset vocabulary, it is critical that we as leaders and mentors put in place pipelines that advance these students in helping create a mental safe space for them and their peers.” 

The University of Hawaii Maui College’s Upward Bound program director, Jana Wilkinson, was particularly moved by the sentiment shared by ACEP researcher Erin Trochim on what it means to fail in research.

“For a kid to hear that you are a successful researcher because of your failures is something that I am going to take back with me and teach my kids,” Wilkinson said. 

To learn more about UAF’s involvement with the T3 Alliance and Upward Bound program, feel free to contact Low at alow@alaska.edu.

To learn more about the T3 Alliance, please visit its website.


Attendees of the T3 Alliance tour pose for a group photo during their visit to the Makerspace. Photo by Jeff Fisher