ACEP’s Flagship Online Course ‘Foundations of Microgrids’ Launches Tomorrow – Aug. 16

ACEP’s Flagship Online Course ‘Foundations of Microgrids’ Launches Tomorrow – Aug. 16

The electric grid of the future will need to be more resilient, decentralized and capable of integrating more distributed energy resources, including on-site renewable energy technologies, energy storage and even electric vehicle charging. 

ACEP’s new free online course, Foundations of Microgrids, launching on Aug. 16, 2022, demystifies the concepts of community-scale renewable energy electric generation and integration

through incredible animations, step-by-step instruction and virtual field trips to some of the most innovative microgrids. 

This is one of more than 40 free online courses hosted by UAF’s AlaskaX.

Microgrids are an important building block in designing the sustainable grid architecture of the future. This course covers fundamental concepts of microgrid design from a community-centric

perspective and emphasizes a holistic approach to energy systems management.

The asynchronous online course, taken at your own pace, will cover topics including:

  • Types of microgrids and the energy and infrastructure services they provide

  • Non-grid-connected/off-grid or islanded microgrid projects and systems, sometimes also labeled as “mini-grids”

  • Strategies for low-, medium- and high-contribution renewable energy systems integration

  • Dispatchable and non-dispatchable power sources

  • System control, regulation and optimization

  • Power electronics advances with inverters and energy storage devices to enable increasing proportions of variable renewable resources into microgrids

  • Different system designs as well as control and optimization strategies for converter-dominated power systems, ranging from simple droop frequency (or voltage) control to advanced smart grid enabling technologies

  • The role of energy storage technologies such as batteries and flywheels, coupled with the importance of inverter technologies and other power electronics, in enabling very high penetration levels of renewable resources such as wind and photovoltaics

  • Strategies and best practices for designing a microgrid system, with a focus on scoping, data collection and modeling

Register now for the free course, or upgrade to the verified track and receive graded assessments and a certificate of completion. 

This course is aimed at future engineers, nonengineers working in the community energy industry and interested community members.

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ACEP's Foundations of Microgrids course, part of the AlaskaX  launches