Anchorage Greenhouse Gas Inventory Webinar

Anchorage Greenhouse Gas Inventory Webinar

The Municipality of Anchorage invites you to a webinar to review the new 2015 and 2020 community-wide greenhouse gas inventory. This GHG Inventory is intended to support the 2019 Anchorage Climate Action Plan. With the generous help of volunteer subject matter experts through Thriving Earth Exchange, Anchorage completed the U.S. Community Protocol with the ClearPath Tool

Join the Climate Action Plan report authors on Monday, Sept. 12, from noon–1 p.m. to learn about the purpose, methodology, results and key takeaways. There will be an opportunity for participant questions. 

Presenters include Shaina Kilcoyne of the Municipality of Anchorage, Haley Crim of CLEAR Environmental and Abra Atwood from University of Southern California.

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