ACEP Spring Student Researcher Opportunity

ACEP Spring Student Researcher Opportunity

Several student research positions are open for hiring this spring by ACEP’s Dave Denkenberger.

Students will receive firsthand experience in making a heat exchanger with a 3D printer and laser welder, improving the disaster resiliency of engineering systems, and lowering the cost of natural gas transportation to Fairbanks.

Not to mention you can be published in a peer-reviewed article — even as an undergraduate!

“Dr. Denkenberger’s heat exchanger project is a great research opportunity for someone looking to tackle a hands-on engineering challenge,” according to one student who participated. “I have gained experience doing data collection, data analysis, design for 3D printing, heat exchanger design theory and even technical writing for publishing. It was really interesting to do research in a relatively new and exciting topic area, microchannel and polymer heat exchangers, and really be a part of the hands-on engineering problem-solving process.” - Josiah Alverts

The paid positions will start in the spring. If it is a good fit, there is a possibility that the work could continue into the summer. 

Please contact Denkenberger at ddenkenberger@alaska.eduif you have questions or wish to apply.


A UAF student operates a 3D printer in the Teaching Through Technology (T3) Alliance Makerspace . Photo by Jeff Fisher.