Build New Energy Projects and Networks with ARENA 2022

Build New Energy Projects and Networks with ARENA 2022

The Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy is a knowledge-sharing and professional network-building program related to energy resources for remote Arctic communities.

The past ARENA participants have used their networks and their exposure to successful projects in Canada, Alaska and Iceland to develop their own community’s energy projects. You can too!

ARENA is now accepting new applicants for the 2022 program. The original program scheduled for 2020 was delayed a full two years due to COVID-19. All 2020 cohort members have been offered spots for the 2022 delivery, but we recognize that circumstances have changed. 

We are reopening the recruitment and application process until Nov. 26, 2021. We seek candidates who live in the circumpolar Arctic, are passionate about energy and want to advance their community’s or region’s project. Learn more.


2017 ARENA participants tour a geothermal power plant in Iceland. Photo by Amanda Byrd,