ACEP Joins Energy Systems Integration Group

ACEP Joins Energy Systems Integration Group

ACEP is now a member of the Energy Systems Integration Group, formerly known as the Utility Wind Integration Group. This membership will open up access to the ESIG technical workshops, webinars, summaries of key issues related to integrating wind and solar generation and wind and solar plant reliability/operating issues, and topical working/users groups.

ESIG is the only nonprofit educational association that focuses on providing resources and education to the engineers, researchers, technologists and policymakers for our evolving electricity and integrated energy systems.

“The Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) takes a total system view of the energy systems we use today, focusing on the combined strength of electricity, heat and fuel systems. Tapping into the combined strength of energy systems maximizes the value of every unit of energy being used for power, heat, water, commercial/industrial, residential and transportation purposes. Through collaboration and coordination, ESIG addresses the technical challenges associated with integrating multiple energy systems with large amounts of wind and solar energy to enable clean, reliable and affordable energy systems worldwide.” — Ryan Willis at ESIG.

This membership opens the door for ACEP to participate in the ESIG benefits, including participation in its technical working groups:

  • Reliability Working Group
  • System Operation and Market Design Working Group
  • Distributed Energy Resources Working Group
  • System Planning Working Group
  • Research and Education Working Group

ESIG membership was made possible through ACEP’s Department of Energy EPSCoR project, “Development and validation of models to assess dynamic response of converter-dominated power systems across multiple spatiotemporal scales (DE-SC0020281).”  More details on this initiative available in the new Alaska_DEO_EPSCOR_ACEP flyer.