Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Three Electric Vehicle Chargers in Anchorage

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Three Electric Vehicle Chargers in Anchorage

The Alaska Energy Authority hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week to unveil the installation of three new electric vehicle chargers at two state-owned facilities.

“While they aren’t the first level 2 chargers in Anchorage, they do fill a gap in public charging downtown,” said ACEP’s Michelle Wilber.  

Level 2 charging refers to the voltage that the electric vehicle charger uses (240 volts).

During the ceremony, AEA also formally unveiled the fast-charging corridor funded by the federal Volkswagen settlement funds.

“That will be game changing,” added Wilber. “It will mean the EVs we all bought to commute around town with will be able to take us dip netting, hiking, visiting other towns, and to drive to the UAF campus from Anchorage. It will mean that people who have put off buying EVs because they can’t drive them as far as they need to go will be more be able to use an EV to get places.”

The new chargers, located at the Linny Pacillo Parking Garage across from the Robert B. Atwood Building and outside the Snowden Administration Building across from the Nestbett Courthouse, will be available for use by state employees and the public. 

For more information on EVs, contact Michelle Wilber at mmwilber@alaska.edu.


Michelle Wilber (left) stands next to a new level 2 electric vehicle charger with Betsy McGregor (center) and Taylor Asher (right) from Alaska Energy Authority during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Photo courtesy of Michelle Wilber.