Wilber Featured in Juneau Economic Development’s Innovation Shorts

Wilber Featured in Juneau Economic Development’s Innovation Shorts

For a decade, the Juneau Economic Development Council has hosted an Innovation Summit where ideas that move Alaska toward innovative solutions are pitched, presented and discussed. This year’s theme was “Localization in a Global Economy.”

ACEP’s Michelle Wilber and Tim Leach were featured during the Innovation Shorts segment with a presentation titled “Localize you ride with electric vehicles.

The pair spoke about EVs in Alaska – the opportunities, the challenges and some of the locally created innovations that have helped our researchers and EV owners learn more about the vehicles in the winter months. They also discussed some of the community-led solutions found around the state.

Wilber is the lead researcher for ACEP’s Beneficial and Equitable Electrification Initiative. It seeks to understand the electrification of currently or previously non-electrified energy loads, such as transportation and heating, in order to harness local, sustainable, and cost-effective energy resources for all.

For more information, contact Michelle Wilber at mmwilber@alaska.edu.


An electric vehicle plugged in. Photo by Amanda Byrd.