ACEP Welcomes Jeff Fisher to the Team

ACEP Welcomes Jeff Fisher to the Team

ACEP's storytelling has become an important tool in sharing ACEP and Alaska's energy and food security stories. With more important stories, there is a need to have more storytellers. We're excited to welcome Jeff Fisher to the team to help with writing, social media, events, and visual storytelling.

Fisher’s professional background is deeply rooted in wild fish conservation throughout the Pacific Northwest. Before moving to Alaska two years ago from Portland, Oregon, he was the habitat monitoring lead for The Freshwater Trust. In this role, he was in charge of the collection, analysis and communication of habitat and flow data, critical to informing project success, both at the stream and watershed scale.

“So often it takes years if not decades to see the benefits of work done in the field of conservation,” Fisher said. “However, in the field of river restoration, you can often see positive ecological responses unfold right before your eyes. It’s incredibly rewarding!”

Fisher said he's excited to go to work at ACEP.

“I believe there is a strong need to increase the momentum in finding innovative and sustainable energy solutions at a scale that will positively impact communities now, and not just 20 years down the road,” Fisher said. “I couldn’t be more excited to join ACEP in working toward sharing all the amazing work that is going on with the broader audience and digging into my diverse professional toolkit to achieve this.”   

Fisher’s professional and personal paths converge with his love for being waist-deep in a river fly-fishing, running long distances in the mountains, rafting down wild and scenic rivers, and skijoring with his wife and three retired sled dogs. 


Jeff Fisher and his dog Timber on a river in the Kenai area. Photo courtesy of Jeff Fisher.