Two Meetings Look to Accelerate Electric Vehicles in Alaska

Two Meetings Look to Accelerate Electric Vehicles in Alaska

The integration of more electric vehicle infrastructure will help boost EV adoption in Alaska. A few barriers have to be overcome before that can happen.

Two meetings this week will look at overcoming regulatory hurdles and rate making, which are barriers to achieve the build-out of electric vehicle charging and EV adoption in the Alaska marketplace.

March 24: Please join a public meeting of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska at 9 a.m. where staff from Electrify America, Tesla, the Regulatory Assistance Project and the Rocky Mountain Institute will present on regulatory barriers and solutions to EVs and infrastructure investment. These presentations will provide the RCA with valuable input for its EV inquiry under RCA Matter Number R-20-005. The RCA will post the agenda for the meeting this week to its calendar, after which you will be able to contact the RCA for meeting login information.
March 25: A technical session of the Alaska Electric Vehicle Working Group will discuss the RCA presentations from March 24 on EVs and regulatory barriers and next steps. This meeting will be held from noon to 1 p.m. on March 25. To attend this meeting, please email Michelle Wilber at for meeting login information.

The Alaska Energy Authority’s EV Working Group involves collaborative stakeholders focused on promoting the use of EVs in Alaska by removing barriers to EV adoption and increasing access to charging infrastructure.


Electric vehicle plugged in. Photo by Amanda Byrd.