ACEP’s Alaska Grown on Amazon Prime

ACEP’s Alaska Grown on Amazon Prime

The food security documentary “Alaska Grown,” created by ACEP’s chief storyteller, Amanda Byrd, is now streaming on Amazon Prime video service.

Viewers with Amazon Prime accounts can stream the 28-minute documentary for free. Stream “Alaska Grown” on Amazon Prime from this link.

Only 5 percent of the agricultural products Alaska consumes are actually grown in the state. Alaska-grown products like carrots are sweeter and more desired than the imported counterparts, but most carrots consumed are imported from California.

Growing more food in the state could ensure food is always on the shelves, especially during a natural disaster like an earthquake or a global pandemic like COVID-19.

The “Alaska Grown” documentary was funded by AgriLogic Consulting and the USDA Risk Management Agency.


Alaska Grown promotional image on Amazon Prime by Amanda Byrd.