Register for the First Alaska Nuclear Energy Working Group Meeting

Register for the First Alaska Nuclear Energy Working Group Meeting

Based on stakeholder interest, ACEP is creating an Alaska-based working group focused on small-scale nuclear energy. This working group is open to all interested parties — please sign up here if you would like to participate.

The first working group meeting will be held May 18 from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. The agenda will include: 

  1. Reviewing the working group charter and establishing objectives. 
  2. A presentation by Mike Valore from the Westinghouse Electric Co., which is developing the eVinci Micro Reactor.

The Alaska Nuclear Energy Working Group is envisioned as an informal group of stakeholders interested in following developments related to small nuclear energy technologies, and in providing input related to any proposed future deployment in the state. ACEP plans to host regular meetings of the working group, which will include regular presentations from industry and other stakeholder groups. The working group will also be called upon to provide input on future studies, as well as the development of a state roadmap.

This working group is being established based on one of the recommendations suggested in ACEP's 2021 report, titled “Small Scale Nuclear Energy: An Option for Alaska?"


Photo courtesy of Idaho National Labs.