New Report Shows EVs Perform Well in Cold Conditions


New Report Shows EVs Perform Well in Cold Conditions

It’s not your eyes playing tricks on you. You are seeing more electric vehicles driving in Alaska. It is becoming more common to see a Tesla at the stoplight or a Nissan Leaf at the trailhead. 

ACEP noticed as well! Michelle Wilber and her Beneficial and Equitable Electrification team conducted an informal statewide survey in November 2019, and the results showed substantial interest in electric vehicle adoption in Alaska.

Survey respondents said cold-weather concerns remain the No. 1 issue. To address these concerns, Wilber’s team reviewed literature and existing information from EV owners in Alaska. They found that the current-generation EVs typically perform well in cold weather. Their driving response is similar to or better than similar internal combustion engine vehicles.

The most concerning cold weather issues are operating-range decreases, slower charging times, lower power availability in extreme cold, and the need to keep a vehicle plugged in or in a heated space, especially during extended periods with ambient temperatures below about -20°C (-4°F).

Learn more about EVs in Alaska in this report. For more information, contact Michelle Wilber at


Photo by Kirk Martakis from the EV report.