ACEP Learns the Art of Teaching through Technology

ACEP Learns the Art of Teaching through Technology

Empowering Alaska’s youth to become the next generation of energy leaders is the goal of a collaboration between ACEP and the T3 Alliance program.

The Alaska EPSCoR Teaching Through Technology program, Upward Bound and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power partnered with the Educating4Leadership nonprofit, which facilitates the national Teaching Through Technology (T3) Alliance program, to host a researcher training workshop in August 2021.

The T3 researcher workshop was an opportunity to connect University of Alaska researchers and educators with local university, state and national partners of the T3 Alliance. The goal of the event was to broaden the awareness of T3, introduce the core components of the T3 framework used to empower students to learn the growth mindset and technology skills and to participate in community engagement projects.

Researchers were provided an overview of the T3 Alliance model for facilitating community engagement projects and introduced the UAF T3 makerspace that is being staffed by current UAF undergraduates and former T3 high school students. It also included a tech training session where participating researchers went through a rapid introduction to the T3 onboarding experience with Raspberry Pi systems. The training was led by former T3 students and current University of Alaska undergraduates Lindy Guernsey and Gabriel Low.

ACEP is engaging with the UAF T3 program as part of the goal of developing new community energy innovation hubs. “We hope T3 can be a pathway to empower youth to become next-generation energy leaders and energy change agents,” said ACEP’s ARCTIC project manager Dayne Broderson.

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(L-R) ACEP's Dominique Pride, Daisy Huang, Gwen Holdmann and Mariko Shirazi work on Raspberry Pi systems during the T3 workshop. Photo by Roxy Mourant/Educating4Leadership.