Arctic Energy Atlas Puts All Energy Systems on the Map

Arctic Energy Atlas Puts All Energy Systems on the Map

ACEP has released a prepublication draft of the Arctic Energy Atlas. The atlas is a product that delivers information on energy resources, infrastructure and access across the Arctic.

This atlas has been made in collaboration with researchers from the University of Saskatchewan.

The atlas data will be officially published in early 2022 and accompanied by a research paper to be submitted for peer review. Currently, the map depicts the location of renewable energy systems, including regional grids and off-grid communities across the Arctic. It also delineates the boundary between the continental grid system and a new functional definition of northern regions with power, an area called the “Electric Arctic.”

This work builds on the original Arctic off-grid communities map developed by ACEP in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan. It is a compilation between a number of different datasets, including the Global Power Plant, Global Power System and The Atlas of Canada - Remote Communities Energy Database

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