Village of Solomon is One Step Closer to a New Microgrid

Village of Solomon is One Step Closer to a New Microgrid

The village of Solomon is one step closer to building a new microgrid. The community, 30 miles east of Nome, has been working on its renewable energy plan since 2018 and recently received funding from the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund to help with its efforts.

“We need to rebuild an entire infrastructure since we only have a 10 kilowatt diesel generator for all energy needs, which only powers our community facility/bed and breakfast,” said Deilah Johnson, who also was selected to participate in the 2020 ARENA program

ACEP researchers have collaborated with Solomon on assessing the solar and wind energy resources from a meteorological tower installed in the community. They also provided a microgrid scenario analysis through a technical assistance contract with Kawerak

A KNOM news article reported that a proposed 7,000-watt rooftop solar energy system will power Solomon’s community building.

The microgrid will take no more than a week to install. Johnson said this is just the beginning of Solomon’s expansion into renewable energy.

“Deilah Johnson and the Village of Solomon are to be congratulated for their hard work and vision that led to this award to support the installation of solar PV for the community,” said ACEP’s Michelle Wilber.

For more information on the resource assessments conducted by ACEP, contact Michelle Wilber at


Sun shines on a solar panel. Photo by Amanda Byrd.