Homemade Personal Safety Measures Featured in New Article

Homemade Personal Safety Measures Featured in New Article

With the concern about the coronavirus disease COVID-19, a new article in Journal of Global Health Reports co-authored by ACEP's David Denkenberger is quite timely.

Though most efforts before and during a pandemic focus on vaccines, drugs and quarantines, the paper argues that there are neglected interventions that could reduce the impact of a pandemic significantly.

Measures include homemade versions of face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and soap, as supplies run out. There are also techniques of social distancing, such as telecommuting and performing in-person work with less human contact.

Also, at the peak of the pandemic, hospitals will likely be overwhelmed, but home techniques could reduce mortality. As a backup plan, if staffing at critical industries cannot be maintained, other techniques can maintain civilization despite the loss of industry.


People wearing face masks for personal protection. Photo by Amanda Byrd.