Frequency Regulation and Skiing in the Backcountry

Frequency Regulation and Skiing in the Backcountry

Read a new blog article from ACEP’s Jeremy Vandermeer on skiing in the backcountry and the similarities of body temperature regulation and power systems.

See the excerpt below and read the linked full article.

“The warmth starts to work its way through your body again. Starting at your heart and working towards your limbs and then your fingers and toes. Breakfast will come later when you’re warm enough.

It strikes you how similar this is to an electrical power system. Like many things in nature and in the man-made world, your body is experiencing the steady-state and dynamic effects of an energy balance system. You just experienced the equivalent of a frequency nadir. It’s strange what you think about in times like this. Along with how warm and comfortable your cubicle is and how much you would like a bacon cheeseburger.”

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