CCHRC Joins NREL in New, Innovative Partnership

CCHRC Joins NREL in New, Innovative Partnership

It’s official! The Cold Climate Housing Research Center has entered into a close partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

CCHRC has over 20 years of experience designing energy-efficient, healthy and culturally appropriate homes in some of the harshest conditions on Earth.

An NREL press release states that through the new collaboration, the CCHRC staff will become NREL employees, creating new opportunities for the national lab to access extreme climates and leverage CCHRC’s extensive research.

The collaboration leverages the complementary research capabilities of the two organizations, including in building energy use, building energy system integration, and energy technology design and deployment in extreme and rural environments.

CCHRC will maintain its focus on Alaska and the circumpolar North and continue working with ACEP and its other partners to advance sustainable housing and energy solutions for Alaska.

For more information on this partnership, please contact Bruno Grunau at