Swiss Intern to Help Size Energy Storage Systems for Alaska Communities

Swiss Intern to Help Size Energy Storage Systems for Alaska Communities

The Power Systems Integration team is thrilled to welcome Michele Chamberlin, who recently started a four-month internship at ACEP.

During his internship, Chamberlin will work with ACEP researcher Jeremy VanderMeer to further develop and use the MiGRIDS energy storage sizing tool.

MiGRIDS is an open-source software developed by ACEP. The software is used to size energy storage systems to enable higher penetrations of renewable energy into remote microgrids than would otherwise be feasible.

VanderMeer has used MiGRIDS to size systems for the Alaska communities of Igiugig, St. Marys and Mountain Village. Chamberlin and VanderMeer will run energy storage sizing simulations for other Alaska communities and publish an overview of sizing study results. This work, supported by the Office of Naval Research, will document the steps and considerations involved in sizing an energy storage system, and will provide case examples.

Chamberlin is pursuing his a master’s degree in energy science and technology at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerland. His bachelor’s was in environmental engineering with a focus on renewable energy. He is both a Swiss and U.S. citizen, but this is his first time living in the U.S. He enjoys many different sports and is excited to experience as many Alaska outdoor activities as possible, including cross-country skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, hiking and fishing.


Michele Chamberlin is an intern with ACEP’s Power Systems Integration team. Photo by Amanda Byrd.