How UAF is Responding to COVID-19

How UAF is Responding to COVID-19

Across our campus, including while working remotely, UAF faculty, staff and students are lending their minds, hearts and hands in response to the urgent as well as long-term needs raised by COVID-19.

Our researchers are looking out for Fairbanks health care workers and first responders, whether on the front lines or in our backyards, and our researchers are keeping track of how this pandemic is challenging our culture and many ways of life. UAF is working with our community to identify more areas where we can be of assistance.

  • The first samples of a Federal Drug Administration-approved hand sanitizer formula created by UAF researchers was received and approved by Fairbanks Memorial Hospital last week.
  • A portable N95 face mask disinfecting system was designed to facilitate re-use of personal protective equipment.
  • A powered air-purifying respirator adapter was created to expand access to the hospital's existing inventory of personal protective equipment.
  • Local industry is collaborating with UAF researchers in the production of powered air-purifying respirator hoods to expand access to new inventory of personal protective equipment.

The UAF COVID-19 response tasks are funded by the Office of Naval Research. Additionally, ACEP and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division in Keyport, Washington, have signed a cooperative research agreement and are beginning to collaborate with the NUWC's extended research partner network to support UAF's Alaska COVID-19 support.

If there are any businesses or individuals interested in working with ACEP and the UAF team on some of these efforts, please contact Gwen Holdmann or Dayne Broderson. Let’s keep our health professionals and first responders safe!


Michelle Wilken from Fairbanks Memorial Hospital receives delivery of the first batch of hand sanitizer. Photo by Gwen Holdmann.